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Aus der Beschreibung dieses Zippos ging nicht genau hervor, ob der Verkäufer auch zugleich der Vorbesitzer des Feuerzeugs war. Zwischen den Zeilen konnte man dies jedoch lesen. Bestätigt wurden den Vermutungen im anschliessenden Mail Verkehr !

Auszüge aus verschiedenen Mails des Vorbesitzers:

Rolf - I was in Vietnam during 1969 & 1970.  I was a member of a Contact Team of myself and 7 other guys. Each of us carried identical Zippo lighters with our name on them. We traveled in the Mekong Delta (IV Corp) as a support team for the South Vietnam Advisory Teams in our region. I am enclosing a picture of me on the left in this picture of one of the trucks we traveled on each day on dirt roads alone for one year. We were always told emergency helicopter support was always available to us if we needed them. The time we did call them when we were pinned down no one came !!!  It has now been over 30 years and at times it feels like it was part of another lifetime !!!   Best regards, Dennis McQuillan

Rolf - I was a Sergeant E5....I had 2 MOS: 11 B - Infantry & 63C20- Tank Mechanic....lighters were to read 51ST and came back 5th of the 1st so we carried them....we were with the 51ST MAINT BN out of Canto,Vietnam....we took care of all South Vietnamese Advisory Teams in the (IVCORP) Mekong Delta....Sincerely, Denny

Rolf - Now that I see it in print that is my old unit. It has been over 30 years now and I guess my memory is not as sharp as it was then.You really know how to research the military history of Vietnam !!!   Good Luck, Denny

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Dennis McQuillan