Branch: ARMY
Rate: O02
Rank: 1ST LT
MOS: 2030
MOS Title: Aide-De-Camp
Entered: 9999
Discharged: 710125
Service Number: 

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Lt Timothy Brooks (rechts)

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Mail von Timothy Brooks:

Rolf, I am absolutely fascinated by the lighter. I do believe it was mine. I was with the 1ST of the 11ACR in Vietnam and Cambodia from Feb. 1970 to January 1971. I served D Company as a platoon leader and XO. I received the Purple Heart and 3 Bronze Stars

As for the lighter, I have never been a smoker. I must have used it to light C4, det cord etc. I am very glad you found it!! I have no idea how I lost it  but I am sure it will enhance your collection. Thank you very much for sending the picture. What is really strange is that I can`t remember how I got the lighter....My guess is that it was given to me by my commanders toward the end of my tour as a momento. In any event, I am glad you have it.

Where in Switzerland do you live? My wife and I are coming to your country next Sept. to do some mountain hiking.

Take care, Tim

im Sammlung Gerster 400

Abzeichen des 11th Armored Cavaly Regiment

Timothy F Brooks