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James Beard Boat Gunner PBR 18 1

James Beard Boat Gunner PBR 18 2

River Division 531

Die Suche im Internet ermöglicht doch immer wieder erstaunliches:


I believe that the Zippo belonged to James W. Beard as he is listed as having been in River Division 531 in Jan 1970.


I believe that he was a Gunnersmate and was the Gunner on PBR 110 (My old Boat) before going to PBR 18. I don't think I knew him as he probably got to River Division 531 just as I came home in May of 1969 or a little after. I have a letter that was written to me from my former Gunner who became a Sniper and went to River Division 592 that mentions Beard as being the Gunner on PBR 110. There are no other 531 web sites that I am aware of. There was one other that is now gone. The guy took everything from my site and created his own site. I can tell you that PBR 18 was turned over the the Vietnamese in March, 1970. That's about all that I can tell you. I don't know anything else about Beard. May I ask how you came across so many Vietnam era Zippo lighters????

Cecil H. Martin
LT, (USN Retired) Navy Cross Recipient, Vietnam.

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James Beard