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Branch: ARMY
Rate: E05
MOS: 71H
MOS Title: Personnel Specialist
Service Number: 

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Sergeant Dwight L Edwards leistete seinen Dienst in Vietnam mit der 516th Personnel Service Company:

516th PSC

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letzthin graviertes Feuerzeug von Dwight Edwards

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Diese nordvietnamesische Propaganda wurde mir von Dwight L Edwards mit seinem Vietnam Zippo gesendet. Vermutlich ist dieses Dokument eine neuzeitliche Fälschung.

Mail von Dwight L Edwards vom März 2009:

March 25, 2009

Dear Rolf,

From the time you bought my Vietnam Zippo Lighter some months ago, and then featured me on your web site, I check your web page on a regular basis to see the new featured lighters you have found, and read the stories of the Veteran's you have featured by Name.  I am continually amazed at how you track down these Veterans.  I find myself humbled and proud at the same time to be featured beside these "true heroes".

I did not know those you have featured, but I knew many like them....the Huey pilots, the side-door gunners who had a shorter in-country life expectancy (compared to other MOS's) due to incoming fire with their full body exposure, the Infantry and Special Forces that we landed at remote locations to execute MACV Offensive Strategies.  I was stationed in Da Nang with the 516th Personnel Services Company, and in March, 1969, I received Orders which turned out to be a three month plus assignment with MACV-SOG.  This assignment required the Top Secret Clearance I had obtained while stationed in Mannheim, Germany, before my tour in Vietnam, and I served in the capacity, of what can be best described, as a Personnel Logistics Coordinator, by MOS, by Offensive Strategy, by Location for MACV.  My communications were strictly and directly between MACV Headquarters and Unit Commanders.  My mode of transportation was the Huey, as I traveled from Da Nang to as far north as the DMZ (I remember the little Huey Helicopter Pad and looking North over to the DMZ knowing the NVA were not far away), to as far South as Saigon to MACV Headquarters, the Mekong Delta, Can Tho, and West to Loc Minh, Duc Lap, Dak To close to Cambodia.  I was awarded the Army Commendation Medal with "V" Device for Valor.  I departed Vietnam in September, 1969 back to the "World" happy to be coming home in one piece!

Like most other Vietnam Veteran's, I just tried to forget, and after a brief "drinking and partying binge", I started concentrating my energy into using my GI Benefits for education, then the housing benefits after I got married, then came the start of my career, and then came my children.  This year marks my 40 year anniversary of being "in-country", which has bought me to a time of reflection and sorted memories, both good and bad (I remember a rare "Steak Night" my Unit once had, plus I remember the sandy China Beach and South China Sea) especially after reading some of the stories of other Veteran's on your website.  I found myself in similar situations while "in-country".  After selling you my original Vietnam Lighter with my sentiments of that day, I have brought myself another Zippo Lighter that reflects my sentiments 40 years later.  It has a ARCOM Medal on it, and engraved with my name, rank, MACV-SOG, Vietnam 1969, with the inscription on the back "All gave some...Some gave all".  I have sent you a picture, if you would kindly include on your website under my profile, with my original Zippo Lighter.  I am proud of my service to my Country, even if the Vietnam War was, at the time, controversial.  We were fighting the spread of Communism then during the Cold War with the Soviet Union, like we are fighting the spread of World Terrorism today.  We Will Never Forget...9/11/01!

As you may remember, I wanted my original Zippo Lighter to end up in the hands of a Collector, such as yourself, to preserve the memory of the Vietnam Vet, and I must say my Lighter couldn't be in better hands.  You are done a wonderful job collecting original lighters, tracking down their original owners, getting their stories, and featuring them on your website, and like I said before, I am both humbled and proud to be featured with some of the "true heroes" of the Vietnam War.

"The National Museum of the U.S. Army" is now in the planning stage, to be built in close proximity to the Vietnam Memorial in the National Capital Area of Washington D.C.  It's goal is to tell the story of the American Soldiers who served in Vietnam, complete with historical artifacts, interactive exhibits, weaponry, amphitheater and a Memorial Walk of Honor.  I am just one of the many Founding Sponsors.  The Executive Director is BG Creighton W. Abrams, Jr. USA (Ret.), my MACV Commanding General, whom I served with during my tour in Vietnam.  Needless to say, your Vietnam Zippo Lighter Collection, would be an awesome addition to this very worthwhile Museum to preserve the memory of the Vietnam Vet, and the more than 230 years of Army history.  Should you ever wish to sell or donate any of your collection, I would appreciate you considering "The National Museum of the U.S. Army".  They can be contacted at 2425 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201, 1-800-506-2672,

Rolf, thank you for what you have done in the collection and preservation of the memories of those who served this Country during the Vietnam War, which can be viewed at  It has been my pleasure to get to know you, and I truly hope we will someday be able to meet as I have always wanted to return to Germany and Switzerland.  What a wonderful time I had during my tour of duty in Germany!!

Dwight L. Edwards
Montgomery, Texas
United States of America

P.S. - Rolf, would you do me the honor of including this e-mail in my profile to honor the "true heroes" you have featured on your website and to preserve my thoughts?  Thank you!

Dwight & Rolf

Dwight L. Edwards am 03.07.2010 zu Besuch. Er ist der erste Vietnam Veteran, welcher meine Sammlung gesehen hat!

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Dwight L Edwards