Branch: ARMY
Rate: O03
MOS: 2163
MOS Title: Air Operations Officer (G3, S3)
Entered: 5600
Discharged: 751231
Service Number: 


Stab des 1. Bataillons in Vietnam, u.a. Captain Likins (vordere Reihe, 2. von rechts)

Floyd Likins 1

Floyd Likins 2


Dieses seltene Vietnam Zippo eines Panzer Bataillons wurde ebenfalls durch den Vorbesitzer anlässlich einer Internetversteigerung verkauft, da seine Nachfahren kein Interesse daran hatten!

Auszug aus einem Mail:

Hi Rolf:  Yep, you found me.  I have attached a picture to the staff officers of the 1st Battalion, 69th Armor, 4th Infantry Division, An Khe, RVN.  This picture was taken on April 10, 1970.  Our Battalion Commander, LTC Marine is in the front row 3rd from the left.  I am in the front row 5th from the left (Also enclosed a close-up of me from the same photo.  I have some "combat" photos of me but they are in storage.  I'll look them up and send one or two your way.  At the time of the photo I was the Battalion Civil Action/Civic Affairs Officer and worked with the Vietnamese in our area of operation.  The lighter was given to me by the members of my Civic Action Team about the time of this picture.  Prior to this I was the Battalion Air Operations Officer and Assistant S3 Air.  Our unit was one of only several Armor units in Vietnam.  We had the M48 tanks with the modified 105mm Tank Rifle (Gun).  Our area of operations was in the central highlands.  you can check the 69th Armor Association web page at for the unit's history.

I'll get the lighter in the mail today.  Keep me posted.

I will look for Vietnam lighters an let you know if I find any, no obligation on your part.

Thanks again,
FLOYD (auburn)

im Sammlung Gerster 400

Floyd L Likins