Rate: E07
MOS: 42370
MOS Title: Master Aircraft Electrical Repair Technician
Entered: 651116
Discharged: 851201
Service Number: 11462398

Merton Cliff Dwyer

Cliff USAF 1967 - 1968 11

Cliff USAF 1967 - 1968 12

Cliff USAF 1967 - 1968 21

Cliff USAF 1967 - 1968 22

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Auszug aus den Mails:

I bought my first Zippo at the Base Exchange at Phan Rang Air Base in Vietnam in the summer of 1967. It was engraved for me by a local Vietnamese sidewalk vendor in the village of Top Chon. A buddy of mine in the welding shop soldered the Philippine 50 centavo piece onto the backside for me. I carried it and used it every day until the hinge started to get sloppy. Zippo fixed that for me, free of charge, and they gave me a new insert which has not been used. The original insert is included.

The second Zippo I bought in 1973 when I was stationed at a remote radar site located in Kotzebue, Alaska, up on the Arctic Circle. This one also received heavy use; you can see that all the paint has worn off from the Squadron Emblem. This unit still has the original insert.

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Merton Cliff Dwyer