Branch: ARMY
Rate: E05
MOS: 94B
MOS Title: Food Service Specialist
Service Number: 

Paul Prockett Vietnam

B Btry 1 5 Arty Vietnam 1967 - 1968 1

B Btry 1 5 Arty Vietnam 1967 - 1968 2

Auszug aus Mails:

I was in country one week when I bought the lighter. I purchased it in loc Ninh from a street vendor. I smoked and we had no matches, or lighter fluid, so we used drums filled with kerosene for fluid. In case you are interested. Loc Ninh was the first place in the south to be over run by the NVA in 1975. The lighter no longer means anything to me. I would like a collector to have it. It is a dull chrome finish in great condition, no dents or dings. Paul

From what I can remember I bought it from a street vendor. He had all of the Army insigna in a template. The Phrase was also a template. The inscribed 1967-68 1/5 B Btry was done in free hand. The engraving was done on the street. Vendor had a meg shift cart full of lighters. I don't remember Electricty being used. I could be wrong.

Very impressive credentials. I salute you. I am now 64 years old retired Massachusetts police Officer. During my tour in Viet Nam I was assigned to the 1/5th mortar div.

But we always had one or two 105mm howitzers with us in the field. With the classified B-hive rounds. When exploded it dispenses millions of ½ inch arrows. Regards Paul

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Paul A Prockett